Private events

Planning a dinner party?

Or your birthday party?

Or maybe a corporate event?

Or even your special wedding party?

Or simply want to have your friends over and don’t feel like cooking?🙂


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Let us take care of everything and cook some authentic Spanish Paella for your guests!

They will simply love it…❤


 A little bit about our Paellas

  • You can choose 1 or 2 types of paella:

    – chicken paella

    – mushroom paella (veggie option)

    – seafood paella

    – black paella (squid ink)

  • We do not use any artificial colours or flavourings and the end result has to do with our ingredients as well as the extremely high quality saffron we use

  • All our paellas are gluten free

  • We can provide tapas & salad options if required

Picture 113

A little bit about us

  • We operate from our own gazebo and we need an approximate space of 4 square metres

  • We need level ground to cook on, concrete or grass are both fine. Areas that are sheltered from the wind are best

  • Our paella pans vary in size and can cater for small to very large parties

  • The paella is served piping hot straight from the pan

  • We cook our paella on portable gas burners which run off bottled propane gas, so we’re completely self-sufficient

  • In case there is not enough light, we would need power just to set up our own lights

  • Access to running water can be useful, but not a must. If there isn’t any, just let us know and we’ll bring our own water

  • We can provide disposable & biodegradable lunch boxes as well as plastic forks and napkins – Street food Style! But we can also provide alternative crockery options if preferred

 Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 18.56.59

A little bit about You

If you prefer, you can call us on  07780860645 or email us at



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