Happy New Year everyone!

Here at Crocus HQ we’re preparing our suitcases for a well deserved trip to Greece to recharge our batteries and spend some quality time with our family and friends.


Before we go, we’d like to say a


to all you lovely people who tasted our paella in 2014!

The empty pans and YOUR feedback made us SO *proud* and happy!



To all our fellow traders, for making our trading days so tasty & delightful! You helped us a lot, we had some great laughs, some difficult times, but overall…we feel we made some really good friends!

To the Street Diner ladies, Christina & Kate, for creating such a nice and buzzing street food market in Brighton and for giving Crocus its first home. Keep up the good work ladies!

To Nick Friedman, our mentor, who opened our eyes and shared his “paella” knowledge! We feel very lucky to have met you and we wish you all the best with the new family member!!

To Teresa, for a great cooperation! This is the beginning… of a beautiful Spanish fiesta!

To our beloved new friends in Brighton, Olia, Gizela, Larita, Michele, Serena, Laura, Iain, Kat, Vittorio, Roh, Fia, Andrea, Guilia, Raddy, Dario, Patty, Rebeca & Diego for supporting us and helping us when we needed you most and for eating our paella over and over and over again!

To the amazing Lida, for creating our amazing branding and giving life to Crocus! We can never ever thank you enough!

To Yannis & Greg, for helping on those very first events…we couldn’t have managed without you. You are both equally awesome! 🙂


To all the beautiful people for liking, reading, commenting, tweeting, retweeting, favoriting, sharing, participating, and spreading the love in the social media.

You guys rock!

A special thanks to two special ladies, Shelley & Ione. Thank you for eating so much paella and thank you for choosing Crocus to cater for your weddings!

To all our dear friends from Greece and Germany who visited us in Brighton and made our first 2 years here so much more exciting! And to all of you who haven’t managed to book those tickets yet… you know, our casa es su casa!

To all our suppliers for helping us make some delicious paellas this year and especially Oscar, you’re a star!

To our family in Spain, for helping us in our first steps and supporting us! un abrazo muy fuerte! To our family in Greece, for the same reasons! To our family in the UK (from Australia), for the same reasons! Loads of love!

And last but not least…. to Sue, Mari-Carmen, Minas & Vangos. We couldn’t have asked for better parents. Thank you so much for everything. xx


Happy 2015 everyone!

See you in February Brighton with new surprises!




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