Kemptown Carnival 2016


Kemptown Carnvial -6055 copyWe really missed the Carnival last year when it wasn’t on…

so a huge warm Welcome to Kemptown Carnival 2016!

Kemptown Carnvial -6047 copy

  This year we were so  happy to be told we would be half way down the architecturally stunning Portland Place, close to both the main stage and also with a great view of when the parade would be travelling down St. George’s Road starting at 10am.

Kemptown Carnvial -5899

With over 400 parade performers passing by, it was going to be a distraction from cooking up our paella for the hungry Carnival party people that would be soon arriving!

Kemptown Carnvial -5919 copy

We couldn’t wait to suck up the atmosphere and experience the wonderful sights, sounds and vibe of the Carnival!

Kemptown Carnvial -6087 copy

We really loved the colourful Parade, Crown and Musicians passing by!

It truly is one of the best annual events in our gorgeous city of Brighton.

Kemptown Carnvial -6150

This time we decided to bring our biggest, most massive pan which is over 1.3 metres wide and can cook up to 120 chicken paella portions!

Kemptown Carnvial -5827

Alongside our massive pan, we set up another 3 big pans, which would be cooking up fresh Seafood Paella by our busy crew.

Kemptown Carnvial -6119 copy

The pulsing beat of the first parade started at 10am and this was our cue to start frying our succulent pieces of chicken with our beautiful blend of Paella spices!

Kemptown Carnvial -5869 copy

People passing by always love to comment on the size of our pans and the delicious smells that are generated when we are cooking up a Paella storm!

Kemptown Carnvial -8062 copy

 Our first Paella was ready around 11:30 and we didn’t stop cooking and serving till 6:00pm.

Kemptown Carnvial -5849

Lots of happy faces!

Kemptown Carnvial -8144

but most importantly… happy tummies!

Kemptown Carnvial -8142

What a fantastic community event!

Kemptown Carnvial -8156 copy

We loved every minute of it!

Kemptown Carnvial -6145 copy

Next year, the Carnival is under threat due to lack of funds, lets all please pledge our support to raise enough by donating to

Kemptown Carnvial -6168 copy

The funds go towards the cost of suspending the parking for the day and other related expenses.

Kemptown Carnvial -6134

Let’s make this happen!

See you at Kemptown Carnival 2017

Kemptown Carnvial -6010


Photography by the very talented Liza O’Malley 

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