Paddle Round The Pier Beach Festival

Can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the start of

Paddle Round the Pier”…


   From humble beginnings, it has evolved into one of the largest free charity beach festivals with average visitor numbers of 50,000.

We love to be cooking Paella  in our hometown City for everyone… so, it goes without saying that we are SO excited to be part of it all again this year for the 3rd year running.

What better food to have than Paella at this awesome event?!!


 Great Entertainment and Music just adds to the warm ‘Aloha’ Atmosphere and draws in the crowds into the ‘Paddle Village.’


The Paddle Village comprises an area of 60,000m² with everything from surfboards and small boats to high-end Ukulele’s and surf-art on display. There are three entertainment stages catering for a wide variety of age and tastes, numerous outdoors restaurants, land based activities such as skateboarding, BMX and Parkour, plus for the past 5 years, a specially built accessible beach, affording people with disabilities access to the beach.


Plenty of fun for all the family!


Look who’s here for you to take a selfie with….


So much for the kids to do.  Everyone is working up an appetite…


Busier than a usual day for our wonderful lifeguards.

Good to know we are in safe hands!

The list of water-sport events continues to grow each year. Some are fun, some are plain ridiculous – whilst others represent serious athletic challenges such as the long distance SUP races, Open water swims, Inshore Rescue Boat (lifeguard) racing and prone paddle board races. Competitors for these events come from all over the world.


Surfs up!  Time to get a demo of the surf life saving skills from our local club.


Perfect conditions for windsurfing…look at them go!


And the bar is open!


Anyone game for a funfair ride before lunch??


Meanwhile…after all this Paddle Round the Pier activity…we have been cooking up a Paella storm for all the family!


Mouth watering delicious Paella? Seafood or Chicken?


This year we’ve been SO lucky to have the girls from

the University of Sussex Women’s Rugby team helping us out!

Thank you ladies!


What more could you want?  Lots of happy customers enjoying the atmosphere with Paella & Beer – perfect match!


Paellas cooking along nicely…


We are always happy to have the brilliant staff member Loverly Lucy working with us.


Nearly sold out…Nick is cooking up the last fresh pan of Paella for our hungry customers.

Our Spanish Suppliers, Iberica,  supply us with the best rice for paella (Arroz Cebolla) called ‘Sollana’.  Its round shape is ideal for absorbing the delicious flavours while still keeping firm when cooked.


Be quick Nick!  as  our wonderful staff member Cecilia is close to serving up the last available portion of Paella.


The sound of laughter and screams from the funfair just adds to the happy holiday seaside vibe.

See you next year Brighton!

July 1st & 2nd 2017

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 13.30.57.png

Amazing photos by the very talented  Liza O’Malley

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