Meet the Team

Crocus Paella Catering

He loves: snooker

He hates: queueing

His forte: innovative thinking

What his teammates say about him:

Nick is restless. He is constantly looking for the next big thing. His latest craze, cryptocurrency. Seafood fanatic & wine aficionado. Always happy to help.





Meet… Jose a.k.a “El Asturiano”Crocus Paella Catering

He loves: singing

He hates: losing

His forte: customer service

What his teammates say about him:

Jose is our gentle giant. He is the life and soul of the team. He is very passionate about good Spanish food and he is the best ambassador Asturias could ever have! He just needs to stop singing…




Meet… George Crocus Paella Catering

He loves: cheese

He hates: Jose’s singing!

His forte: creative problem solving

What his teammates say about him:

The oldest and wisest Greek chieftain. Loves a bit of banter. Stout lover and avid sports fan. Straightforward and efficient.





Meet… YanaCrocus Paella Catering

She loves: the sea and the sun (in no particular order)

She hates: spiders

Her forte: attention to detail

What her teammates say about her:

Half Greek half Spanish, a good Mediterranean mix. Crazy dog lady and travel enthusiast. A little bit obsessed with cleaning.