Crocus Paella Catering

Freshly cooked Spanish cuisine

for weddings, birthdays, parties & corporate events.

What makes us different


We are Crocus Paella.

Let us bring a little of Spanish sunshine to your event with freshly cooked paella and tapas.

Infuse your gatherings with the essence of Spain –From paella to perfection: We make unforgettable experiences for your special occasions.

Crocus Paella Catering
Crocus Paella Catering
Crocus Paella Catering
We Cater For All Occasions

Paella Catering

Unlock the flavours of Spain at your Wedding, Birthday Party or Coprorate event

Elevate your celebrations with Crocus Paella catering – where Spanish culinary expertise meets your unique event needs.

Fresh, yummy & Tasty

Try our delicious and authentic Spanish paella recipe that has been a family treasure for years.

Our Paellas

Handed down through generations, our family recipe promises to add colourful flavours and the most delicious and authentic Spanish experience to your event!


Chichen Paella (GF)

Simply scrumptious, our chicken paella is the most popular option! You can spice it up, by choosing to add chorizo or make it even more interesting by adding Tiger Prawns.

seafood paella 2

Seafood Paella (GF)

Full of sea flavours, our seafood paella will take you to sunny Spain with every single mouthful! Perfectly served with a slice of lemon.


Mushroom Paella (GF)(Vg)

The delicious and decadent portobello mushroom paella is so flavourful… If on the other hand, you’re not a big fan of mushrooms, we can replace them with a different main ingredient, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

mixed paella

Mixed Paella (GF)

Can’t decide between chicken and seafood? Well why not have both in one? Deliciously rich, our mixed paella is the perfect combo of Spanish flavours. You can even add chorizo on top!

Savour the moment

with Crocus Paella catering: Bringing the flavours of Spain to your private events, corporate functions, and weddings!

Crocus Catering menu

a world of Spanish delights for your private events and corporate affairs.

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catering for your special day

Paella for Weddings

Want to try something a bit different, exciting and unforgettable for your guests?

Why not enjoy tasty mediterranean cuisine on your special day. Brighten up everyone’s face with a little bit of Spanish sunshine, and be the talk of the town for years to come. 

Team Building with Paella

Corporate Events

We can provide freshly cooked delicious paella for your corporate event.

This is perfect for team building days, annual parties or to fuel you during meetings.  Try a delicious alternative to the usual cold sandwich selection.


Birthdays & Private Events

Celebrate your birthday or private event in style with amazing and authentic Spanish Paella. This is the perfect food for standing or sitting, allowing your guests to laugh and mingle while trying something different.

Giant Paella Catering looks very impressive as well as tasting incredible. We can serve your guests both inside and outside, creating a memory that no one will forget. Book our paella party catering service now!

Why choose us?

First of all...our name. “Crocus Sativus”, commonly known as saffron, is the finest of all spices. And we use only the highest quality saffron, as in all our spices and local produce.

Premium Service

We have Public Liability Insurance and we comply with the latest Food Regulations HACCP. We are proud members of NCASS, the Nationwide Caterers Association, following high standards and practices. We take customer service very seriously. Our staff are trained in Food Hygiene and always serve with a big smile!

Pure Spanish Food

Handed down through generations, our family recipe from the home of paella promises to add colourful flavours and some scrumptious Spanish sunshine to your event! Our freshly cooked menu is made with carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality to ensure the most authentic experience!

Flexible Mobile Catering

We are a mobile catering business based in Brigton, covering the whole south of the UK. Our catering service is flexible, from small family gatherings to big events. Our paella pans vary in size and can cater for smaller groups of 50 guests to very large parties of over 1000 guests.

GLuten & Nut free

All our paellas are gluten & nut free. We offer vegan and vegeterian options. If you or any of your guests have any allergies or special dietary requirements, we’ll do our best to cater for them individually, so please do let us know.

Hygiene Rating

We have been awarded the Healthy Choice Award by Brighton & Hove City Council. We are registered with our Local Authority Environmental Health Department and in all our inspections, we have been awarded with a 5 star Hygiene Rating.


We serve our food in eco-friendly, high quality, biodegradable and compostable palm leaf plates and we provide wooden or corn starch cutlery, as well as napkins - all included in the price.

experience Service by

unique Staff

Our staff are trained in Food Hygiene and always serve with a big smile!​

We provide a stress-free and professional service for you! We set up, cook, clean and leave, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your special occasion.

Premium Catering

authentic experiencE

Specializing in freshly cooked Spanish cuisine, our catering company brings the vibrant flavors of Spain to weddings, birthdays, parties, and corporate events.

From paellas to tapas, our expertly crafted dishes are sure to delight guests with an authentic culinary experience.

Crocus Paella Catering
Crocus Paella Catering
Crocus Street Diner-6804-4
Crocus Paella Catering
Freshly Cooked with Authentic Taste

our Ingredients

We cook everything from scratch and we are very selective with the ingredients that we use in our paellas because we want to be able to offer the best quality & taste.

So apart from the local produce that we use where possible, most of our ingredients are from Iberica Spanish Food, an award-winning importer of authentic and traditional Spanish products, based in Brighton.

happy clients

"Crocus catered our recent wedding. The communication from Yana was excellent throughout. On the day, Jose the chef and his team were superb, ensuring everything ran smoothly. We had 2 options for guests, the vegan mushroom paella, and the chicken option. both were delicious, and numerous guests let me know that they thought the paella was "banging!" Thoroughly recommended."

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